Well, like I said, its been a while.  I did everything.  I had fun.  I worked hard.  I learned SO MUCH.  And I am about to do it all over again.  I will hopefully figure out how to really post pictures well and post a mini-montage/recap of my first harvest before I move on to my second harvest which starts Feb 15! 

Today I “talked” to my new boss in Argentina.  1. I do not really speak Spanish all that well so I had some phrases written down.  For example:  “Hablo con Julia, por favor.”  and “Mi avion llega e 1030 el 11 de Febrero.”  and “Estuve nervioso llamar porque me espanol no es bueno.”  The great thing is that I sounded real enough that she tried responding to me in Spanish and she spoke a bit fast and I ended up having no idea what she was saying.  Then she tried English and told me that she would have someone pick me up at the airport.  Really.  Should not be that difficult, right?  I hope it gets easier.  We both laughed and agreed that Spanglish will be our language!  2.  First experience with Skype.  Very nervioso about that as well.  I shouldn’t be – it ended up being a very easy way to communicate.  And cheap!

Now, just time to figure out what in the world I’m bringing! (and I try not to bring EVERYTHING!)

I am going to visit some friends in Atlanta for a couple of days before I head down.  Then I arrive on the 11th of February and start work on the 15th.  I will be staying at a house on the winery property.  It is summer down there and I can’t wait for things like FRESH TOMATOES!!! oh, and SUNSHINE!!!  I’ll be there through the South American Autumn, and leave May 10th.  I then head to Chile for a week.  I figure, since I’m almost there already, why not?  I can explore for a week – who knows when I’ll be back down there?