Tuesday – after a wonderful long weekend we went and sampled grapes again. 

September 09 010

We did it a bit differently this time.  We  split up and each did two sections in the Chardonnay.  This was both good and bad.  It was good because we got it done in half the time.  It was bad because I somehow screwed up the sample.  I did the sampling the same way that I always do – I zigzagged down the row taking the top middle and bottom grape from a bunch.  I took from the shade side and the sun side.  My boss did the same thing.  Maybe, just maybe, I didn’t do it quite right….but I think I did.  When I got back to the winery I was put in charge again of testing Brix and recording the readings.  I did this and guess what, on one of the samples I took it actually came back with lower Brix than it had the previous week.  This is not really possible.  Sugar goes up as the weeks go by, not down.  The only way that this would happen is through either faulty testing or through faulty sampling.  I tested many many many times and every time (except one) it was lower than it had been the previous week.  I told my boss about the results and asked what could have happened…He said “Sample Error.”  I was really really hoping that that wasn’t the case.  He said that it was ok because it wasn’t off by much – only a couple of  0.1 degrees.  It is also ok because those grapes are part of the vineyard and that lack of sugar was there too…  We’ll see, though.  We are going testing again tomorrow.  I really, in a terrible way, hope that the results back up what I did earlier in the week. 

I have been driving around bunches this week…Literally – Bunches of grapes.  On Wednesday I went and picked up two tons of grapes. 

September 09 022

 These are those grapes from that vineyard that I talked about before – the one that had been destroyed by the deer. 

September 09 018

I got to work a bit early on Wednesday and was corralled into going with to pick them up.  They were picked and delivered to a winery in Sonoma.  We were purchasing them from the Sonoma winery that had purchased them originally and we had to go pick them up.  I imagine that we must have been getting some incredible deal otherwise we would not have had to pick them up ourselves.  Luckily we were just taking two tons – or four bins.  But two tons is TWO TONS!!!  And two tons is a lot of grapes to move – not to mention that it is a 45 minute drive one way.  

September 09 023

We loaded up two bins at a time and I came back for the second load by myself.  The truck rides like a boat! 

We hand sorted all of the Pinot – whatever the deer didn’t get to – and destemmed the rest!  It is sticky, hot work – but not too bad – kind of fun, actually.  Then the clean up – and lots of it!  Thursday, again more errand doing. 

September 09 035

 I drove to the machine shop in town and picked up hose racks and we cleaned hoses and sorted them all afternoon. 

I have also been placed in the default position of being the office work person which is not something I terribly mind and is something I am actually ok at.  So office work for an hour or so both yesterday and today…