Man, what a difference a bit of sun makes!  August 09 002

The past couple of days have started out cool and turned into nice sunny hot days.  Still more power-washing of macro-bins.  They are nearly as tall as I am and quite heavy.  I suit up in all sorts of wet weather gear and hose them off.  Then I had the pleasure of washing down all of the black top!

August 09 005

August 09 004


I also got to go with to test the Chardonnay in the Russian River.  Just like the Pinot, it was up by about 2 degrees Brix across the board.  It is still no where near being ready to harvest, though.  The highest is at around 18 Brix.   Luckily this weekend is supposed to be super hot – possibly it will kick start all of these grapes into harvest gear!

On another note, this is what I drove home to last night!

August 09 008August 09 006August 09 007

We just don’t really have clouds like this here!  It was pretty incredible!