Today we got to go home a bit early.  Almost like a little gift!  One of my co-workers had a final hurrah of the summer planned at Tahoe and needed to leave at noon.  My boss, suggested that we all take off at noon, and I was happy to go! 

Aside from my co-worker having plans, there is a kind of major reason that we were able to do this.  It is pretty cool.  Now I don’t mean cool as in awesome or neat.  I mean cool as in temps.  It did warm up today, but it isn’t warming up nearly enough.  This means that we are going to be waiting on grapes for some time.  Some would argue that a long, slow harvest is optimal for flavor/phenolic development.  The longer the grapes can hold on without the sugars shooting up, the better because they will have time to get color and flavor ripe. 

We are having unseasonably cool temps right now and they are expected to continue for a bit.  This is just fine with me, from a personal standpoint.  However, my boss did mention when he hired me about a month ago that his goal was to be done with everything for harvest by Thanksgiving.  Today he said that he wouldn’t be surprised if people were picking in DECEMBER!!!  I kind of think that he was just being dramatic.  If people were picking in December they would be picking raisins.  It is totally possible to make wine from raisins – think from “concentrate”.  All you do is add acid and water and lo and behold, you have a very densely flavored, rich, usually pretty high in alcohol, and sometimes residual sugary wine.  Some people like that sort of thing – personally, I do not.  I like a wine that is lighter, has more natural acidity and is lower in alcohol. 

Since it was a short day, we didn’t do too much.  Just some more new barrel stenciling and then some serious scrubbing.  I was scrubbing the floor for a good long time today.  With my hands.  Someone left some of a caustic chemical on the floor over night and it bubbled up and stained the floor.  It sounds much worse than it really was.  It is really just like oxyclean….but a little stronger.    Which in turn forced me to scrub quite a bit stronger.  

I am looking forward to getting in shape and these muscles that everyone talks about! 

ps. also looking forward to actually being able to roll a barrel.  If I could do it like THIS guy, I would have it made!  Alas, I am very akward when I do it.