Exhausted.  But I think I held my own today!

The day started at 8:00 and went through 4:40 with a lunch break.  Now, this doesn’t sound like a particularly long day, but it sure was physical!  I have heard lots of cellar guys talk about how much weight they lose during harvest and I would have to say that after today, I believe them.  I am a bit sore – and not too excited to see how sore I’ll be in the morning.  One of the great things that happened today is that the guys I work with treated me pretty much the same as they treated each other.  The only concession they made to me being a girl was that one of them really was trying to watch his language.  I am certain that once he gets to know me, that will change.  As far as the physical stuff went, though, I did all sorts of things including climbing on top of tanks, scrubbing tanks and presses and scrubbing some more and then heavy lifting.  All in the sun.  And my face was pink!  It always is when I am hot or exercising and sometimes I forget – but my boss was a bit concerned about sunburn.  Kind of a weird thing to have to tell people, “No really, I am fine, I just get a pink face!”

This will be an interesting winery to learn at, though.  A couple of “celebrity winemakers” make their wines here – definitely some high priced wine!  Also, I was told by my boss, “Your job will be to be like a sponge.”  Just absorb as much knowledge as possible.  I couldn’t have asked for a better first crush experience.  Learn a lot, and from some of the best of the best!

The guys I work with are great so far – interesting tidbit – they were both language majors in college.  One studied romance languages (French, Spanish and Italian) and the other eastern languages (Japanese and Mandarin.) 

This is my first work pic: Where we lunch.

August 09 002