Well after over a year in a tasting room, I have decided to really try the real real deal.  Working in the Cellar!   I am a bit nervous, but excited more than anything.  I have gotten a job at a little winery on Spring Mountain, working for a fairly well known winemaker and can’t wait to start.  When I interviewed for the position, I put it out there that I know that this is pretty hard work and I know that a lot of winemakers just want a big strong guy who can lift heavy things.  I am not one of those big strong guys, but I have lots of ambition and excitement about this and most of all the desire to learn.  I think that that is maybe even more important!  Also, I think that the fact that I acknowledged that got me some brownie points.  I did make a point of saying, though, that I am not afraid of a little (or a lot!) hard work.

Girliest, though, is what I have been thinking about since I found out about the job.  What should I wear?  T-shirt and sweatshirt and jeans, right?  I have been racking my brain to try to think of anything else.  And What shoes should I wear?  Tennies?  I think so, at least to start.  I know that my feet will be getting pretty wet, though and I have heard about these Australian boots that are supposed to be amazing, but if I show up with them on the first day will they think that I am a big poseur for having them already or will they just think that I am prepared?  Will I be the dork showing up on the first day of school with the whitest shoes?